More than skating

Figure Skating Youth

For all ages and levels
KSV Haarlem offers figure skating lessons for participants aged 4 and older. 
You can join at any level, for beginners everything still revolves around the learn-to-skate principle: learning to move on skates. Whether on hockey skates or figure skates, it doesn't matter at all.

Figure skating in a nutshell
Figure skating is a sport that you can practice individually or as part of a team, both recreationally and competitively, throughout your life. It's fun, creative and challenging at the same time. Figure skating is about developing, practicing and performing a skill that you will learn and master at an increasing rate.

More than just sports
Learning and automating a skill is an important part of a child's development. At KSVH we use our experience and experiences from the skating world in general to provide training in which individuals of all ages can optimally learn and automate skating skills.
While becoming skilled at ice skating, children learn to overcome obstacles and face challenges that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

Figure skating offers a great opportunity for children of all ages to develop physical and mental skills in a sport that is creative, challenging and fun.

Room for more
In addition to the many game elements that have been added to the youth program, there is also attention for fun activities. For example, there is our annual Sinterklaas party for the youngest, but Halloween and Christmas are also not forgotten. And shining on the ice at the end of the season during the final show is a beautiful thing, isn't it?

Lesson Times Figure Skating Youth (up to 12 years)

Saturday 09:15-10:15
Sunday 16:45-17:45
Monday 17:45-18:45
Tuesday 16:30-17:30

All classes are still open for registration (FULL = FULL)

Rates Figure Skating Youth (up to 12 years)

Converted, you pay €14 per lesson hour (depending on the chosen lesson day, there are around 25 lesson weeks in the season).

The membership fee for youth members is €55 per season.

Payment in monthly installments is possible at KSVH.


Book a Trial Lesson?

If you want to get acquainted with the beautiful sport of figure skating, we invite you to book a trial lesson. Our winter season starts at the end of September and you are very welcome to come and try our wonderful sport.
We have great groups, both fantastic Teens & Adults groups and great Youth groups. Basically, something for everyone on several days.

For every level and age

Figure Skating Teens & Adults

A Complete Package
As with the youth groups, the Teens & Adults groups work with a varied curriculum in which different facets are worked on in a fun and stimulating way. In addition to the skills on skates, attention is also paid to building up fitness and other basic elements of good health. This coupled with fun social interaction means a fantastic winter full of fun and sportsmanship!

Your goal is our goal!
Some members dream of being on the podium at an important competition or improving their skating skills to use in figure skating, ice hockey or long track skating. Other members are looking for a great sporting activity for fun, fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Or maybe some want to pick up a childhood wish that had never come true before.
Whatever you want to get out of figure skating, KSVH will help you achieve that goal.

Setting goals is achieving goals
The goals of the Teens & Adults program are:
•  Teach Teens & Adults the fundamentals of skating as each lesson builds confidence and skills.
•  Providing a great challenge from the first step on the ice to mastering advanced skills based on needs, experience, skills and development of the skater.
•  Making the most of the health and fitness benefits of figure skating.
•. Giving each participant the basis to achieve his or her goal, be it a recreational or competitive goal.

In addition to figure skating, we naturally also try to offer all Teens & Adults members an optimal club experience outside of skating.

Lesson times Teens & Adults (13 years and up)

Zaterdag 07:30-08:30
Zaterdag 09:15-10:15 (13 t/m 17 jaar)
Zaterdag 10:30-11:30 (Nog 3 plekken over)
Sunday 17:45-18:45 (VOL)
Monday 19:00-20:15
Tuesday 18:00-19:15


Rates Teens & Adults (13 years and up)

Converted, you pay €16.50 per lesson hour (depending on the chosen lesson day, there are around 25 lesson weeks in the season).

The membership fee for Teens & Adults members is €55 (up to 16 years old) or €62.50 (from 17 years old) per season.

Payment in monthly installments is possible at KSVH.


Book Your Trial Lesson
and enjoy the fun!

We have a lesson for your level and age. From beginner to advanced, from young to young feelers.

Come ice skate, inline skate and/or roller skate at the nicest club in the Netherlands.

Let’s skate!


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