Take steps together

Parent – ​​Child Skating (3-5 years)

Everything is more fun together
At KSVH we do things with positivity and take steps together. Everything comes together with our parent-child skating program. On the basis of fun and positive exercises, the child is taken on the ice with the parent's hand under the guidance of the first step towards full self-confidence.

Playing is learning
Parent-child skating is all about gaining confidence on the ice to master the ice together in a playful way. They are very pleasant playing moments on the ice because with playing comes learning.

To walk means to move
If your child is able to walk, it is also able to take the first steps on the ice in a playful way, so don't hesitate to participate in this great winter activity to teach the child to get used to the ice.

Skating parent
To participate in parent-child skating, the parent must be able to move independently over the ice. The KSVH trainer leads the lesson to guide the learning process and to lead the session. Holding hands, which is necessary in some exercises, is done by the parent.

Duration of lessons
Each parent-child skating lesson lasts 30 minutes

Times Parent-Child Skating (3-5 years)

Saturday 09:45-10:15
Tuesday 16:30-17:30

All classes are still open for registration (FULL = FULL)

Rates Parent-Child Skating (3-5 year-olds)

Converted you pay €16.50 per lesson moment. Each lesson session lasts 30 minutes and consists of 1 child and 1 parent (depending on the chosen lesson day, there are around 25 weeks of lessons in the season).

The contribution for KSVH members is €55 (up to and including 16 years) or €62.50 (from 17 years) per season.

Payment in monthly installments is possible at KSVH.


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