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Maak jouw keuze voor een proefles. Let daarbij op of je MET of ZONDER schaatshuur wilt.

Choose the correct skate size when renting. If you do not want to rent skates, you obviously choose “no skate rental”.
Then click on “continue”.
Choose your day and time.
Enter your details and pay for the trial lesson and possibly skate rental. Paying can be done by iDeal.
You will receive a confirmation by email.


De kosten voor een proefles zijn € 10,00 per proefles (Hieraan doen 1 kind met 1 ouder mee).
Schaatshuur kost € 5,00,- per paar.


Figure Skating Youth (up to 12 years)
Saturday 09:15-10:15
Sunday 16:45-17:45
Tuesday 16:30-17:30

Figure Skating Teens & Adults (13 years and up)
Saturday 10:30-11:30
Sunday 17:45-18:45
Monday 19:00-20:15
Tuesday 18:00-19:15

Introductie IJshockey, beginners tot semi-gevorderd (t/m 13 jaar):
Monday 17:00-18:00

IJshockey Techniek Training, gevorderd (t/m 13 jaar):
Monday 17:45-18:45

IJshockey Techniek Training, alle niveaus (vanaf 14 jaar):
Monday 19:00-20:15

Parent-child skating (3-5 years)
Saturday 09:45-10:15 VOL
Tuesday 16:30-17:30

Information about the trial lessons

Our socials always provide the latest news about the opening, closing and other information about our trial lessons. Keep your eyes on our socials to stay up-to-date!

Our socials

Come ice skate, inline skate and/or roller skate at the nicest club in the Netherlands.

Let’s skate!


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