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About the Roller Lessons

The roller lessons at KSVH are suitable for every level and age.

With a unique program in which skills and game forms alternate, our roller lessons provide more stability, muscle strength, fitness and endurance. It also works as an injury preventative. Join our lessons on your roller or inline skates.
The program has been developed so that it is suitable for both traditional roller skates (quads) and roller skates. Both can be worn in any class.

Our home base is the IJsbaan Haarlem, a beautiful ice rink with a very rich tradition. The ice rink is easily accessible and has plenty of parking space in the adjacent car park.

In the summer months there is a beautiful concrete floor for roller skating lessons that is ideal for roller skating and inline skating.

Lesson times Youth Beginner (up to 12 years)

Saturday 09:15-10:15
Sunday 16:45-17:45
Wednesday 15:00-16:00

All classes are still open for registration (FULL = FULL)

Lesson times Youths advanced (up to 12 years)

Saturday 10:15-11:15
Sunday 16:45-17:45
Wednesday 16:00-17:00

All classes are still open for registration (FULL = FULL)

Lesson times Teens & Adults Beginners

Saturday 12:15-13:15
Tuesday 18:15-19:15
Wednesday 18:15-19:15

All classes are still open for registration (FULL = FULL)

Lesson times Teens & Adults Advanced

Saturday 11:15-12:15
Tuesday 19:15-20:15
Wednesday 19:15-20:15

All classes are still open for registration (FULL = FULL)

start slowly and personal

Book a private lesson?

The rates for the private lessons are determined by the number of people participating in the private lesson.

Just like the group lessons, private lesson packages are purchased in bundles of 5.
When booking a private lesson, you can choose the time slot at which you want to come and with how many participants.

The costs for a private lesson are:
1 person: €19.50 / 2 persons: €24.00 / 3 persons: €33.00 / 4 persons: €40.00 / 5 persons: €47.50

Agility is everything

The rolling philosophy of KSVH

It's all about skills
In our skate and roller skating lessons, KSV Haarlem does not mainly focus on covering great distances, but everything is aimed at gaining skill in moving and controlling the wheels.
Of course, the training sessions also focus on building condition by covering distances by means of laps around the track, but the basis lies in the skills, such as turns, footwork, rhythm and tricks.
All using artistic elements, jam elements and freestyle elements in a complete program to make a diverse progression on roller skates or skates. This under loud swinging music, because moving remains a party.

KSVH means flexibility
We work with 5 lesson packages. So before you come to class you purchase a 5-lesson package and you can extend it when you have taken 5 lessons. In terms of flexibility, it works like a flexibility card, because you can also come to classes several times a week or skip a week. Flexibility in the summer months is a must for many people, including us.

More than just sports
You can also see the spirit of KSVH founders in the activities at our summer activities. All possible whees are accepted during the roller lessons and we often get questions about this. The answer is almost always “What makes you happy also makes us happy” because the philosophy that you learn from positivity is the guiding principle of the original KSVH feeling. Whether rolling or skating.
Of course we are happy to give advice on which material is best to purchase if you choose to purchase new material because good equipment actually means faster progress, but everything you already have and is comfortable for the first lessons is fantastic, Let's Go!!!

We are here for you

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of skates should I use?
Because this is a very important question, we have put a page about this on the website and you can do it HERE read.

What is the beginner level and what is meant by advanced?
The moment participants can stand comfortably on their skates / roller skates and can move forward at a good pace, you are already at an advanced level.
Of course, difficult tricks and very intensive workouts are not quite successful yet, but that goes better every week and happens at your own pace.

Beginners are understood to mean the participants who still have difficulty standing on their rollers and where rolling forward is actually still very difficult. There, the basis of the lessons is not yet on practicing skills, but on learning to be comfortable on the skates / roller skates.

Are the lessons suitable for everyone?
The roller lessons are given for all ages and are suitable for every level. We have separated the groups into youth classes (up to 12 years old) and the Teens & Adults from 13 years old.

Questions about groups can always be asked in advance via info@ksvhaarlem.nl.


Boek jouw rollerles
and enjoy the fun!

We have a lesson for your level and age. From beginner to advanced, from young to young feelers.
Come ice skate, inline skate and/or roller skate at the nicest club in the Netherlands.

Let’s skate!


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