Which figure skates are the best?

Which figure skates?

Choosing the right figure skates is the best thing for every skater, both for the fastest progress and for a comfortable feeling!

Nowadays you can buy figure skates everywhere, even at the big sports and toy stores. Some of these figure skates are good enough for anyone who skates occasionally. But they can be hindering your progress if serious training has started. We always want the best for our skaters, hence this page!

Our skaters are firmer and more stable on their figure / hockey skates.
De schaatsen gaan langer mee.
Progress will clearly go faster.

Razor-sharp shining on the ice

Where can I have figure skates sharpened?

Sharpening figure skates can be done safely and skilled in a few places in the Netherlands. We STRONGLY advise not to walk into an average hardware store to have your skates sharpened due to the risk of permanent damage. Sharpening figure skates is a craft. App with Rogier or Sarina (founders of KSV Haarlem) for sharpening advice or send an email to info@ksvhaarlem.nl.

Saving the address of Oomssport in The Hague in the navigation is a good idea if you want perfectly sharpened figure skates.

choosing the right figure skates is an art

Buy figure skates

There are a number of good figure skating brands available, namely: Risport, Edea, Wifa, Jackon and Riedell. These are all good brands, but it varies per person what is comfortable. And then there is this, some models among those brands may even not receive our stamp of approval.
All these brands have figure skates for beginners to advanced. With Edea and Risport you are always right in terms of model regardless, unless you skate at a high level, but with the other brands you have to be careful that you buy the right models. Ask the KSVH board for advice or go to a renowned skate shop, such as Oomsport in The Hague, for advice.

Another option is to look for high-quality figure skates from the above brands via marketplace. Of course we gladly help with this.

Irons are extremely important in figure skating. We recommend Wilson Coronation irons.

Best figure skates

– EDEA Skates
– Risport Skates

Best Blades

– John Wilson Coronation Ace
– MK Professional

Best skate sharpers

– Oomssport, The Hague

Protect your jewels

Figure skate protectors

Of course you are completely happy with your purchase, but how do you actually keep your beautiful skates in good condition?

Your figure skates can withstand a little ice. Of course you have to keep an eye on whether they are still sharp, but if you handle your irons sparingly, you can easily spend more than 30 hours on the ice without having to sharpen your skates.
But how well your skates can handle ice, how badly do they handle sand, dirt and other material that you can find next to the ice. That's one reason why you also need HARD protectors so that you can walk unhindered from the side bench to the ice without your irons suffering from all the misery you encounter on the way to the ice.

Hard protectors are a great solution to solve the problem next to the ice, but to keep your skates in the hard protectors in the bag back home is not a good idea. Skate blades are quite susceptible to rust and a golden recipe for rust is to leave skated blades in hard protectors and store them like that at home.
To transport your skates you have SOFT protectors. The padding on the inside of the soft protectors can absorb moisture and keep your irons dry. So ideal..... but always dry well after skating 😉

A little help at the start

Leasing figure skates

We have figure skates available for rental and lease for anyone who doesn't have skates yet, but would like to see if figure skating is the right thing to do.

Send an app to the board for loan availability, fill in the contact form or send an email to info@ksvhaarlem.nl.

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